Independent, multicultural-artist, singer-songwriter Haikaa is releasing her latest album "I am a Cat" produced in the midst of the pandemic between Sao Paulo and Los Angeles. "I am a Cat" is an electronic pop album with 10 songs that encompass emotions ranging from tenderness to audacity, from vulnerability to authenticity. Upon hearing the new album a fan described it as "the encounter of a cat, Nina Hagen (German singer-songwriter) and an angel." The album is predominantly sung in English but it also contains songs in Japanese and bits in Portuguese and Latin. "I am a Cat" will be available in stores and streaming apps in the first quarter of 2021.

Haikaa was born in Brazil but also studied and lived in Japan and in the US. Always seen as an outsider, she sought to discover the essence within which remained constant regardless of where she was. For Haikaa, songwriting is like being an alchemist and having the power to transform the oftentimes paradoxical emotions that comprise her essence into a melody that makes sense.

The artist began her career in Sony Japan. As an independent artist, she released her album "Work of Art" in 2011, the book "What is Diversity?" in 2012, the singles "So Wise" in 2013, "Turn on the Dark" in 2014 and "Sitting On A Cloud" in 2017.

Haikaa has launched several initiatives as creator/co-creator of projects that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. Her "Work of Art Global Project" released in 2010 was exhibited in Qatar in the annual convention of the UNAOC, the United Nations branch that promotes diversity. Other projects include "Heart to Heart" and "PeacePage" in 2011, "The Right Challenge" in 2012, "Turn on the Dark" in 2014 and the "Hello Mahalo Diversity Atlas" in 2016. In 2019, she launched her app "Hey Amigo" on Google Campus to connect cancer patients and volunteers for car rides and accompaniment. In 2020, "Hey Amigo" won the international innovation award by the ISPRM, the global agency of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in relation with the WHO.