The "Diversity, what's in it for me?" talk aims to illustrate how having an attitude of appreciation of diversity, or what Haikaa calls a "Diversity Mindset", can improve one's quality of experience and expand self-knowledge. The multicultural artist illustrates what are some of the main challenges in adopting a "Diversity Mindset" and presents ways to overcome them. Through multiculturalism and art, the talk presents in a creative way the countless benefits that this mindset has to offer. After all, a deeper understanding of oneself directly impacts one's capacity to understand others, thus helping to build bridges and strengthen group work.


  • Definition of diversity
  • Belonging and identity
  • Levels of consciousness
  • The role of verbal and non-verbal communication in bridge building
  • Spontaneity vc Politically Correct conduct
  • Acceptance and intentional exposure to diversity
  • Examples of raising awareness and promoting inclusion around the world

There are many ways to develop a "Diversity Mindset" and Haikaa believes multiculturalism and art are powerful means to illustrate and bring about this paradigm shift. On her "Diversity, what's in it for me?" talk, Haikaa draws from all her experiences to share the essence of a life lived in cultural diversity. She does this in a lighthearted and relatable manner so that more and more people can experience life with a "Diversity Mindset".

Who is Haikaa?

"Haikaa's is an example of someone who has transformed her life into a work of art, her pain into a source of inspiration and her scars into memories." - Leandro Karnal, historian, author, CNN Tonight co-host (Brazil)

"Haikaa's life is an awesome account of authenticity and courage." - Abílio Diniz, entrepreneur

Multicultural artist, singer-songwriter and pianist Haikaa was born in Brazil but grew up and lived in the USA and in Japan. A nomad by nature, Haikaa has made music her home where all her references meet, mix and blend to form something new. Haikaa started her career as a Sony Japan artist and the experience served to show her that she did want to keep on making music but on her own terms. As an indie artist, Haikaa released her "Work of Art" album, singles "So Wise" and "Turn On The Dark" and her most recent album is "I am a Cat."

Haikaa has also launched several initiatives as creator/co-creator of projects that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. Her "Work of Art Global Project" received honorable mention by UNAOC, the UN branch that promotes diversity, at their annual event in 2010. In 2012, she released her book "What is Diversity?". Other projects include "Heart to Heart" and "PeacePage" in 2011, "The Right Challenge" in 2012, "Turn on the Dark" in 2014 and the "Hello Mahalo Diversity Atlas" in 2016. In 2019, she launched her app "Hey Amigo" on Google Campus to connect cancer patients and volunteers for car rides and accompaniment. In 2020, "Hey Amigo" won the international innovation award by the ISPRM, the global agency of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in relation with the WHO.